On Wednesday February 7th, Dublin-born international concert pianist Máire Carroll will release her debut album ROADS. The album, her first solo release, is a deeply personal one for Máire and will bring listeners on a journey through the classic and contemporary piano works which have inspired her most as an artist. 

ROADS features an eclectic mix of classical piano pieces, film music and pulsating rhythmical and jazz-influenced tracks including the mesmeric Automne by the often-forgotten French female composer Cécile Chaminade. It also includes 2016.1 - Two 1916 Pieces, a newly-commissioned work by Irish composer Sebastian Adams which commemorates the children who died in Ireland's 1916 Easter Rising. This piece was the result of an exciting collaboration between Carroll and Adams and was inspired by one of the stories from Joe Duffy’s book Children of the Rising. 

“ My debut album ROADS is a celebration of the various different paths l have travelled on my musical journey so far. I wanted to put together a selection of utterly different piano pieces that l hope will surprise and delight fans of piano music. So the album is a mix of much loved classic piano pieces by well-known composers like Bach and Rodgers and Hammerstein and edgier contemporary compositions that speak to me as an Irish female pianist”  

“I am deeply honoured to be the first to record Sebastian Adam’s latest composition 2016.1-Two 1916 Pieces. It is a deeply moving work which poignantly contrasts the innocence of youth with the brutality of war. It was very important to me to include Automne by Cécile Chaminade. l fell in love with the piece when l first heard it and I researched her piano work. I couldn’t believe that despite being a musical celebrity of her time, her piano work is mostly unknown today. I strongly believe her music deserves to be heard by future audiences.”

ROADS was entirely funded through a crowdfunding campaign on With roughly 100 funders who contributed to Máire’s Fund it campaign, it took just under one month to raise the funds to make her dream a reality. 

“Crowdfunding for the album was a unique way for me to reach new audiences. To have people supporting me in Canada, New Zealand and Norway (to name but a few) was incredible. l was very keen for my funders to get to see the behind the scenes aspect of the making of ROADS. One of my favourite interactions included a weekly blog posted on my website which announced a track on the album and included a Q&A interview about the composer and why l was including the piece.” 

"As an artist l enjoy breaking down the barrier between the audience and me the performer. I love talking about the pieces to help draw audiences in and to help them understand exactly what it is that they’re listening to. Exploring and explaining the background of each piece is very important to me and it thrills me to be able to share something so meaningful, especially when l feel as though the audience have been on a musical journey with me. I hope this first selection of my favourite piano pieces will connect with listeners and that it will offer them a unique listening experience.”

Having recently completed a tour of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, 2018 sees Máire perform at The
Red House, Aldeburgh, UK, the home of Benjamin Britten, The National Opera House in Tallinn,
Estonia, The Homecoming Festival with Crash Ensemble in Cinncinatti, Ohio, Engage Festival in Co.
Cork and Lismore Opera Festival this coming June.