Week 5: Franckly Delicious / by Maire Carroll

This week has been incredibly exciting.  It was the first opportunity I’ve had to rehearse the Franck with second piano.  This offers a whole new set of challenges. No matter how many hours l have spent listening to recordings and analysing the score, there is nothing quite like having the orchestral reduction played along with you. It is truly a fulfilling experience!!

I’m also lucky to have enlisted the help of an excellent pianist, Joseph Havlat, who has taken on the role of the orchestra exceptionally well.  Playing with the orchestral reduction shows up the spots that you thought you had firmly under control but actually still need some work. It is reassuring when you discover that there are a few places that you have been playing far too fast (a major relief) and then the shock when you learn that you’ve been coming in a crochet too late at a crucial moment (a bad habit!). Over the next few days I’ll be working specifically on the tempo switches in the C section between my solo and the 3 against 2 passages. As well as this, l will focus my attention on the dialogue between the orchestra and piano after l introduce the main theme.  

Stay tuned for next week’s blog featuring a video clip of some of my favourite parts of the Franck.

Forever Franck,

M x

. . .you will become what you practice...
— Susan Whykes, Whykes, Susan., Mind Over Matter (Author House, 2007), p.4