Week 3: Fancy a César salad? / by Maire Carroll

The past week has been filled with French music not only by Franck but – Messiaen. I am performing Quatuor pour la fin du temps with KIRKOS Ensemble as part of the BLACKOUT series. This innovative series consists of three concerts which will be staged in complete darkness. A successful FundIt campaign has made this all possible!

A few days ago l came across a fascinating BBC audio clip which aired a few years ago.  It is entitled ‘Cesar Franck – Life and times’. In the clip Donald Macleod explores the life and work of composer Cesar Franck.  It offers insightful information into the struggles of the composer and how finally his creative genius flourished.

 ‘’Just about all the music by which César Franck is known today – less than a dozen major pieces – was written in the last 10 years of his life’’


Happy listening,