My Fund it campaign: Composer Sebastian Adams / by Maire Carroll

                                                                             Sebastian Adams

                                                                            Sebastian Adams

Hi there!

Following on from my blog post a few days ago, l am now almost at 60% on my Fund it page! Thank you all so much, your support is amazing. As I explained in my last post, I am going to share the pieces l will be recording on my step at a time! Up next is my great friend Sebastian Adams with Fireworks (2016), a work which was premiered at my M.Mus 'Spiorad na Saoirse' event at the TileStyle showrooms in August, 2016.


What was 'Spiorad na Saoirse' (The spirit of freedom)? I was required as part of my M.Mus degree to complete a concert project. ‘Spiorad na Saoirse’ was my artistic response to Ireland in 2016 and the marking of the centenary of the Easter Rising in 1916, a seminal moment in Ireland’s journey to independence. My exhibition and recital was an act of remembrance; an opportunity to reflect by weaving together multiple threads in the exploration of Irish culture, inspiration and sacrifices.


How did the collaboration between myself and Sebastian come about? 'Spiorad na Saoirse' created a wonderful opportunity to work with a young Irish composer and premiere a work specifically for the project. Having collaborated successfully in the past, I had a positive feeling that we would work well together developing a work for ‘Spiorad na Saoirse’. As soon as l contacted Sebastian to ask him if he would be interested he said yes! (Thank you Sebastian!!)


Where did the idea for 'Fireworks' come from? As we worked together to decide on what aspect of the revolution to focus on, we narrowed it down to two possibilities: the children of the 1916 and the women of 1916. The tale of the children stealing fireworks on Sackville Street from Joe Duffy's, Children of the Rising, resonated with Sebastian. 'Fireworks' is a musical response to the children of 1916. It is a commemoration of the 'un-sung' heroes of the revolution.


What does it sound like? Sebastian composed a two movement response to the story. He masterfully captures the element of thrill in the first movement depicting the fireworks blasting into the sky. The second movement is a tragic aftermath alluding to the death of the three children who died on the streets of Dublin. 


Why do you want to include this piece on your album? A very simple answer: It is a brilliant piece and one worth hearing. I was also keen to include a twenty-first century composition and it is wonderful to be able to champion a fantastic, young talented composer on the album. 


Where can l find out more about Sebastian Adams or hear some of his music? Sebastian Adams (b. 1991) is an Irish composer who has been Composer in Residence with RTÉ lyric fm. He is founder and co-director of Kirkos, co-director of Fishamble Sinfonia and former chair of the Irish Composers Collective. Commissions include the Irish Chamber Orchestra, RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, RTÉ Concert Orchestra and many others. Click here to listen to some of his music.